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I’m Haylie and this blog is a place to be inspired whether it be about home, construction, real estate, business or just life. My husband and I run our business called Arb Design and Construction, which for us, having this business is a dream come true. Something we’ve planned and dreamed of for 10 plus years. The best way I can explain what we do and strive to do is to create and recreate homes. We build, we remodel, renovate, flip, you name it. My personal dream for this venture of ours is to design and build homes in our community that are actually dream homes for families. I want to inspire, I want to create environments that make life just that much better because in my opinion your environment is just about everything! It feels like my calling to use my creativity to somehow better the lives of others. Hunter, my husband  and high school sweetheart is a contractor and he oversees, and can build anything from one of a kind, gorgeous furniture to a beautiful mansion. He is one talented guy who I really admire. I have a degree in Interior Design from Oregon State University and have done art for as long as I can remember. I also really enjoy crafting whether it be crocheting and knitting, macrame, doing crafts with my kiddos, the arts are where my whole heart is. We have two girls, Leighland August who is 4 and Landrie Lee who is 2. Our biggest love is probably nature and how it inspires us. We love just being together most of all. If you have any questions just feel free to ask. Thanks so much for visiting my blog.