Designing your space

As I scroll through the little squares on Instagram through my business account, I am met with photo after photo looking like it belongs to the same feed when in fact I’ve been looking at multiple feeds. I am the kind of person who highly values being unique, we all have different tastes and opinions and I think our uniqueness is a wonderful thing. Lets celebrate our individuality! Not only in our clothes, our hair, our friends but, yes, even in our homes. I love a lot of what I see on Instagram, all of those farmhouse vibes I think can really be beautiful and make a house feel like home but this post is about designing YOUR space. What makes a home really shine and stand out is when it has a personal touch. It’s great to find things on trend that you do identify with and that’s what style is about. But making it your own and incorporating it in a way that showcases your personality is a wonderful thing.

I thought it would be fun to give you my top tips on how to design your own space in your home. It doesn’t have to be spendy, it just needs to be YOURS. I have some sure fire tricks that I feel like always make a space beautiful, and cozy. This may not be for everyone but I think these tips are great because you can tweak them to your own personal style and it will make any space feel more homey. So lets get to it!

Add Life

Plants, flowers – fake or real can instantly make a space feel cozy and warm. Adding in natural elements makes a house that feels stuffy and un-lived in feel like a place that has life in it and it really does add an element of who we are because we are living creatures too! Plants come in modern shapes like snake grass, you could get something more feminine and add fresh cut flowers to a pitcher, a tall palm plant can give a more exotic or eccentric vibe. The possibilities are endless. You could even incorporate herbs in your kitchen and healing plants like aloe vera. Plants not only look great but they actually improve air quality and after extensive research for a paper I wrote in college, they add significant emotional and believe it or not physical healing benefits as well. So next time you’re at one of the big home improvement stores, the grocery store OR even your own yard or on a hike, grab something alive and natural and put it in your home to lift the mood of your space.

Add Texture

Anyone who has worked with me knows that for me to like a space it has to have character, it has to have a feeling conveyed and it must be cozy. I don’t care how pretty a place looks if it isn’t cozy chances are I probably won’t like it. So, texture my friends is one of the best ways to add coziness. Of course there are the obvious elements like furry blankets and throw pillows but texture can be smooth or rough and add coziness as well. A jute rug, aged wood, linen curtains. Adding in a variety of textures plays such a major role in how your space will feel it is unbelievable. So try to mix it up a little and add in a variety of textiles and fabrics.


This is somewhat general and something you can’t always find in photos, it is more about evoking a feeling. Candles add an ambiance because of their soft glow but they also can add a scent that you love to the space. Lamps, natural lighting and task lighting also are so insanely important in how a space feels. I really think lighting is one of the single most missed aspects of designing. I can’t emphasize how important lighting is, not just one center light in the middle of the room but all those other moments to add a little light here and there are very important. Fire places of course add a beautiful ambiance but not everyone has one of those but if you do, take advantage of that cozy fire and kick your feet up!

Add elements of you

Now, most importantly your space needs to have elements of things YOU like in it. If you really want to make a space a place you enjoy being in, it should have decor that you love. Not something someone else told you that you should have but something that made you feel something. Art work, photos of family, a simple little plant. All of these things are wonderful at making a house a home. If you do nothing else on this list, do this one thing. Add in things you love. In my own home I have so many hand me downs, things I have thrifted, things I found at garage sales. A lot of them may not be the thing that is in style with home design at the time, but if I like something I will buy it. I love metallic accents and I always have. I’m a glitter and sparkle lover so in my home I have a lot of metallic accents. I also love natural elements so I have a whole lot of sparkle with a whole lot of natural wood. My home is such a hodge podge of styles but I have it just the way I like it because it is filled with memories and I can tell you there is nothing in my home that I don’t love. If it doesn’t make me happy I won’t have it. And that is kind of a general motto I live my whole life by, If it doesn’t make me happy I move on to the things that do make me happy.

So those are my top tips, I hope you can take some inspiration and find what works for you. Remember being unique is beautiful. I think everyone deserves a place that they can consider a haven that makes them feel at home.