Garage Structure Progress

One of our current projects is to build a Garage with living quarters on the second floor. We have had so much fun planning and designing this job. Our client is a bachelor who enjoys entertaining, so essentially we have been able to create the ultimate man cave. We received the permits last week and the foundation is being poured today! So exciting. As far as my job goes, it has been to come up with overall concepts and design ideas. I really had nothing to go off of except that it had to be a space that was a little industrial and something Hunter would love since, well obvs, he’s a guy.

Currently I’m making decisions on things like, flooring, trim, doors of all kinds, windows, garage doors… etc. We have to nail down all of our exterior choices and get them ordered. It is so much fun designing this space with my best friend. I wanted to share the concepts I’ve come up with for the building and show you the final decisions! One item I really wanted for the exterior but have to change is having dark brown or black windows. The cost difference it between 5-6k dollars! Not to mention a time add on of 4-6 weeks! So, since we are doing some dark trim I think going with lighter windows will be just fine.

The exterior, was completely inspired by my love for coffee and nature. I wanted rich, warm coffee tones on a modern barn or farmhouse type structure. I didn’t want the outside to not match the landscape. I feel like a super urban, modern house in Central Oregon just does not fit. So for the outside we are going a bit rustic with a little modern. The main paint color which isn’t decided for sure yet, but we know it will be a creamy taupe and the trim will be a dark mocha. There will be wood accents on the exterior including shingled gables. Here is a little concept I put together to present to the client.


We will be adding a mocha brown steel roof, wood garage doors and antique brass hardware on the exterior. For the interior, I wanted to make it more modern, and industrial. The main vibe I focused on when creating my concepts was as simple as it sounds “cool”. I wanted guests and the owner to walk up the stairs to the second floor and be met by an amazing, open view of the landscape and mountains, rustic details like wood beams, rustic flooring and iron details. I created three concept boards, and the majority of viewers liked board #2 by an overwhelming margin. So that board, is the concept for the whole interior. Of course we can mix and match any elements, but I love the overall grey tones with neutrals we are going with. Here are the three boards, with the second being the direction we are headed.

One thing both the home owner and I agreed on is that we love the fireplace in the third photo, so like I said we are mixing and matching some elements from the boards. The flooring is picked though, and we are going with the laminate pictured in the second photo. It is Pergo brand in the color Bennington Lake Anderson Oak. I love it because it is both industrial and rustic but it also brings in the cooler grey and blue tones. It is just really “cool” which is exactly what we were going for.

I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts on what you like most from the boards I created. I will continue to update the blog on our progress and our design choices and building process.

3 thoughts on “Garage Structure Progress

  1. I’m glad you chose the fireplace in board 3… it’s amazing for that space👌🏼 I like the leather couch in #3 too but my favorite overall is #2 as well. You are so talented 🙌🏽. Can’t wait to see pics of the process and final project!!

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